Our Approach

Our vision started out with simply providing computer repair and upgrade services out of our home, locally here in Clarksville, VA.

We quickly found a broader need, not just in the immediate community, but NATIONWIDE for our services -- we found that many "computer repair" issues can be done via remote sessions where you, the computer user, allows us to remote into your computer and fix many problems much cheaper than you taking your computer to a higher-cost provider (i.e., Geek Squad, other local "store front" computer repair shops, etc.).

While providing services to our local customers, we found the need for computer classes for basic needs (i.e., using Facebook, email, etc.) -- things that many people are reluctant to use or, due to the fear of "breaking something," simply don't use -- but originally bought their computer for JUST THOSE tasks!!!  We're looking to change those mindsets by offering local classroom-style instruction -- we can also provide one-on-one instruction remotely -- to YOU sitting in Billings, Montana!!!  We can utilize our secure, remote tools where YOU allow us permission to work with you online -- where we can "see" your desktop and display and "instruct/tutor" you on how to use your email, Facebook and a plethora of other applications  AT YOU CONVENIENCE!!!  Just give us a call and we can explain the details and tell you about our LOW COST for providing that one-on-one service customized JUST FOR YOU!

Meet the Team

Meet Marshall Clark, Dominic Lenhauser and Connie Edwards!!!

Marshall Clark -- WGU

Marshall Clark

Founder, CEO/President

Marshall started his working career with AT&T in 1985 as a long distance operator! (One ringy-dingy...) He quickly moved up and into corporate re-engineering, then his ultimate calling -- I.T. work. Having worked with the AT&T Executives for his early career, he became the dedicated I.T. support for AT&T's Executives most of his 20 years there.  After AT&T, Marshall held various I.T. positions with Microsoft, Northrop Grumman and other major corporations.  Now, Marshall is following his dream of co-owning his own "domain."

Dom -- Bio Photo

Dom (Dominic) Lenhauser

Vice President,
hief Information/Technology Officer

Dom still needs to give me his "bio"  🙂 -- when he's not working so hard at keeping Marshall up to date and informed with business operating issues, dealing directly with the customers and whatever happens to "fall into his lap" (usually the stuff Marshall doesn't have time to do!)  Dom has an extremely diverse career background -- starting with med-school and applicable positions which most all took him from surgical procedures by taking off his surgical mask and putting on his I.T. hat to work on the equipment in the surgical operating room.  From those types of technician duties, Dom flew from his home state of Arizona to Virginia to work for Microsoft and other high-tech corporations and positions.  We're lucky to have Dom on our Leadership Team and look forward to his "out of the box" style thinking and logical leadership applications that will take us forward in our current and future endeavors.

Connie -- Photo2

Connie Edwards

Chief Operating Officer, Director of Marketing & Corporate Strategy

As an alumni of the College of William and Mary with background experience in educational, customer service providing institutions, Connie brings a diverse wealth of talents to our company.  (Connie also owes me her "self-written" bio)...until then, I can say that Connie has been extremely instrumental in the initial establishing pillars from which our company has started to build its core infrastructure.  We look forward to Connie's continuing contributions to push our offerings nationwide and, ultimately, applying the "nationwide stamp" on the company through her unique forward-thinking processes.

Next Steps...

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