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We started out as just a couple of guys offering computer repair and upgrade services locally in the Clarksville, VA area. We have expanded!!! We now operate under our parent company, Technical Cyber Solutions, LLC. We still offer PC repair and upgrades, but much, much more!  Same two guys (Marshall Clark & Dominic Lenhauser), but we've added our dear friend and business marketing guru, Connie Edwards to our team.  Read more about each of us in the "About Us" section of our website.

We now offer services beyond your computer/laptop/tablet. We offer in-home services for all of your technical devices --
your home wireless/wired network, internet service, tablets, cell phones, smart TVs, home theater setups and more! We
offer high quality print services, such as those favorite photos from your cell phone! We will come to you for one-on-one
training to use your PC, tablet, smart phone, home theater.
We have also launched our website design effort, which includes a separate website with every product/service you need to create & publish your very own WEBSITE! Come up with your own domain (www.MyWebSite.com), choose the rest of the components you need to easily create and get your personal website out there on the internet for EVERYONE to see! It can be a simple, one-page website – or something as large as Amazon.com – the options are limitless!!!

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